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hope your dreams come true

Had an old ball glove that my daddy gave to me
Spent our days playing at the old school yard
I was Mickey Mantle workin’ on a sandlot dream
My dad told me son, you’re gonna be a star

I hope your dreams come true
I surely hope they do
Long before you’re through
I hope your dreams come true

Used to cruise these streets in the cool night air
Chasin’ bowling alley queens and debutantes
I was James Dean in a ‘56 red bel air
My brother left me before he went to Vietnam

Son, I’m gonna give you this ball and glove
And some day these bel air keys
Hope you find your one true love
Like your mama’s been to me
You can be Mickey Mantle, or you can be James Dean
You can be anything you want, just don’t forget to dream

This is a nostalgic tune that I wrote with my friend George Ensle. We included some of our favorite things-baseball,

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