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Spent ten long years on my knees
Man, this town I know will be the death of me
Won’t you burn it down, won’t you please

I just can’t wait to see those flames
Ten miles high and burning like the judgment day
Won’t you burn it down, I just can’t stay

Burn it down, burn it down, burn it on down
Burn it down, down, down, down, down
Had enough of this town, I’m gonna burn it on down

Tomorrow I’m leaving you behind
Saying good bye to you and all your kind
Won’t you burn it down, has to be tonight

If there’s nothing left of it then I won’t really care
Just as long as when it burns that I am standing there

This song channeled my inner pyromaniac, as it is about setting fire to an entire town and watching it burn. This song stems from a friend of mine that was constantly put down by a town’s closed-mindedness and judgmental nature. A small town where gossip queens run rampant, everyone knows your business, and hypocrites abound. Ok, you’ve pushed me far enough and thats it!

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