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been knocked down

Under a far off sky, shades of blue and green
I watch the clouds roll by, I’m walkin in my dream
There was a winding road, through a barren hill
And away I rode, ‘cause I can’t sit still

I been knocked down, and I got back up
And I never looked back, when the times got tough

If rock and roll were only here to stay
I’d be another guy on a lost highway
You get too old when you’re born too soon
You know that love is gold, like the harvest moon

Don’t you ever give up on a dream
and won’t you come and fly away with me, come and fly away with me

Take your fears, cast ‘em all aside
There’s nothin’ left ‘round here, and it’s time to ride
You’re jumpin’ in your car, with your only one
And you drive it far, into the setting sun

This is the first song I ever wrote on an electric guitar. This song is about daring to dream your dreams, despite the pitfalls of life. Things get in our way and sometimes knock us down.

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